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A Check in with yourself and the Base Chakra

“The most empowering thing you can do for your body is LISTEN to it”

Emine Kali Rushton

It’s a necessity to make sure you are checking in with each of your chakras. There is no better way to make sure you are aligned, need to be aligned, or continue to keep aligned your chakras. Starting with the Base Chakra is very important.

So how can we check in with our base Chakra?

1. Do a physical self-assessment and ask yourself –

  • How do your hips, knees ankles and feet feel?
  • How about the base of your torso?
  • Do you have a smooth range of movement below your pelvis, or is there restriction there?
  • Do you ever suffer from lower digestion issues such as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome?

What these symptoms tell us is that there may be a lack of Ki (life force energy) available for the parts of your physical body governed by the root chakra.

2. Check-in with your emotions –

  • Do you feel abundant and prosperous, or do you worry about money and feel like it’s lacking?
  • Do you have a sense of gratitude and trust in the universe, or do you feel restless and ungrounded?

Strengthen that Base Chakra

You can do exercises to strengthen your Base Chakra, and a great one to start with is a movement/walking meditation.

While meditation does connect you to a higher spiritual plane, it also serves to ground you. If you find a sitting meditation difficult, try a walking meditation. Within the soles of each foot are minor chakras that exchange energy with the inner and outer world. If possible, take off your shoes and connect directly to the earth. Walk barefoot on grass, leaves, mud and sand and take each step deliberately so that you are consciously connecting to the earth.

Affirmations are great for when you’re meditating as meditation clears your mind for the positive words to reach the subconscious mind. But remember, everything that we repeatedly say to ourselves out loud or in our thoughts is an affirmation, it’s always a good idea to make sure your affirmations are positive and bring happiness to you.

Here are some phrases or affirmations you can use to support your Root Chakra. I often incorporate them into my walk, and they truly make me feel amazing!

I feel centred
I am home
I am connected to my body
My body is my home
I feel safe and secure
I stand for my values, truth, and justice
I have what I need
I am kind and compassionate to myself
I am infinite possibilities
I am grateful for challenges because they make me stronger
I am fearless
I trust myself
I love myself
I trust the true source which is a universal divine mother providing for my basic needs
I nurture myself with healthy food, clean water, clean air, exercise, relaxation, and connection to nature

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Why it’s important to unblock your base chakra, our Base Chakra cannot be overlooked. If we maintain a healthy and balanced first chakra, it will generate a stable flow of energy to all other chakras. Don’t forget, a healthy root/base chakra promotes feelings of security and encourages exploration to find your life’s purpose and achieve success!

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