A Digital Cleanse Does the Creativity Good!

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

In January 2020 after I had a creative reawakening that woke me from a very long creative slumber, I had an equally powerful sense of inner knowing that creativity was going to be a resource and outlet that would be needed soon for many people.

I also sensed that I was meant to help others tap into their creativity. I didn’t know the how or the what, or even the exact why in the beginning, but I knew with every fibre of my being that it was the path I was meant to take. And I haven’t looked back since.

Soon after my creative shake-up in early 2020, there was a different kind of shake-up of Global proportions in mid-March.

The pandini and the creative

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a life-changing period that we are still very much in the midst of.

At the beginning of this change, I observed that creativity quickly became a popular coping mechanism for many people. People of all ages and all walks of life began to bake, sew, paint, garden, knit, etc.

People were doing activities that they hadn’t done in years, activities they felt compelled to learn, or activities that they had uninterrupted time to do. Creating something seemed to give people a way of forgetting about their worries temporarily. It seemed to increase their sense of connection, peace, stability and security.

It was confirmed to me when I was seeing so many people share their creations on social media. Creativity and art were going to be powerful resources and outlets that could help so many people through the unprecedented and extremely challenging times. Creativity was having a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives.

Creativity and the burnout

I can honestly say, I did not foresee how creative expression would become a powerful antidote to my pandemic exhaustion and near burnout.

Nearly 2 years later, I am just starting to feel steady on my feet again, and it is not lost on me that many people are still in the dense fog of worry, sadness and exhaustion.

That is why it feels so timely (and perhaps even urgent) to help others find their footing again through creative expression. It can bring a sense of peace, stability and connection that is so desperately needed now.

Not only that, in the last little while I’ve come to notice the world seems to be running at a frenetic pace and the messaging is that we have to be and do it all (often simultaneously!). There is barely a chance to catch our breath and check-in with ourselves.

The connections we are needing and trying to get through social media are instant but tend to be hollow. It can make one feel empty and lonely.

The break I needed

I took a social media break this December. It was something I knew that I had to do. I had been feeling overwhelmed, over-saturated and terribly disconnected from myself and others.

Truth be told, it was difficult for me to quit at first because I am interested in others’ lives, their highs and lows, their joys and sorrows and I crave that deeper connection, but I knew I wasn’t feeling the connection I longed for. Sadly, deep, meaningful, authentic connection is not often found through social media.

My discoveries

Before my break on social media, and honestly, I didn’t realize just how bad it was, I was constantly comparing myself to people who I couldn’t quite measure up to. What I thought was me being interested in friends’ and families’ lives turned into me watching influencers and other business owners’ profiles. Playing the compare game.

paint brushes with colours

Doing this can easily put you into a place of doubt, anxiety and frustration. Which in return serves us no purpose. We find ourselves on social media more and more, spiralling in the dark holes. As a creative individual, I found myself never inspired or feeling this ‘not good enough’ to create. Sometimes even question what I am even good at.

It is safe to say now though, this month-long break has given me the space to find myself again and begin to create things for my enjoyment and fulfilment. It has allowed me to walk away from this comparing game and create from my heart and soul. It has allowed me to clear the fog that I was so cluttered with and I can now find inspiration from what is around me in the present moment.

What’s next?

Earlier in 2021, I had created some amazing offerings that really lit the fire in my creative self but sadly dimmed a bit. During this break, I knew it was important for me to reconnect to the reasons why I created the offerings that I did for this upcoming year.

As I mentioned earlier I had this sense that I was meant to help others tap into their creativity. Being able to reconnect to these offerings has this sense of mine feeling stronger than ever.

We cannot deny this pandemic has been extremely challenging and the world can feel like it is spinning out of control sometimes. We can easily lose ourselves in its midst. Leaving us craving a connection with others, with ourselves.

Activating our true selves allows us to reconnect, bring in self-care, self-love and more plus help our mental health.

I am excited to share that all of my offerings will be opportunities to say “yes” to ourselves! Allow us to carve out time and space so that we can breathe new life into ourselves through connection and creative activities.

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Are you ready to tap into YOUR creativity?

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