Megan J Law Reiki Professional

Hey I'm Megan J Law

I am a Reiki Practitioner and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach.

I have recently joined the Two Rivers Health in Guelph, Ontario.

I am a proud parent of three children, two of whom have Autism, and I have been on a journey of self-discovery and learning my capabilities in parenting. Throughout times of turmoil and struggle, and times of great joy and bliss, I have been provided opportunities to learn valuable lessons and grow personally.

With these experiences, I truly understand that as caregivers to our families, we often wear many hats at one time.

I know that as parents we tend to put our families needs first and ourselves last. I know first hand that if chronic stress is not being addressed the ability to parent effectively and be present with our families can be negatively impacted.

Reiki has been a guiding light for me. It has helped me get back my balance, it has helped me to be able to take care of my family and myself.

It is my greatest desire that women and mothers reduce their stress, return to balance and feel whole within themselves, so that they may live their fullest potential in all their life’s roles.

Join me for a free 30-minute meet and greet and let's see exactly where I can help you!