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How do you know when it is the right time to seek out a Reiki treatment?

You have been the primary caregiver for your kids for years, and have prioritized your time, energy and love on their healthy development and well-being.

You have so many responsibilities and commitments that you have forgotten to include your healthy development and well-being on the list of priorities. Somehow over the years, you have slowly slipped to the bottom of the priority list.

Does this sound familiar?

Then slowly, maybe subtlety at first, your body begins to let you know that it is out of balance. It enables you to tell at first with aches, pains and perhaps other symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and trouble falling asleep. Your mind tells you that something is wrong with you, but offers no solutions or insights, just worries and frustration.

Often when you start to notice things “wrong” in your body, you go online to look up symptoms. And we all know how that goes, you may find multiple problems for your symptoms which confuses you even more!

Sound familiar still?

It isn’t wrong to want to find alternatives to all that you have previously sought!

You may talk to friends who sympathize with you, but what they can offer is a friendly ear for you to vent into. You might have been to see your family doctor who suggested prescribing you with medications with side effects that are worse than your current symptoms. All of it leaves you feeling more confused, and drained of the little energy you have left.

There is such thing as being drained of energy, but being totally motivated and open-minded to trying something new that speaks to your soul.

You may have heard someone in your circle of friends speak about Reiki, or you happened to read about it while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. It’s ok that you don’t know much about it, other than it is a form of energy healing. This is where you NEED to listen to that little nudge from within telling you to consider trying it for yourself.

This is how you know it’s time to explore Reiki even further!

You are best to find a local Reiki Practitioner who resonates with you. Take a leap of faith, and book that appointment! As a mom of three very emotionally tiring children, I can tell you it’s something that you won’t regret. And don’t worry it’s ok that you have no clue what you’re getting yourself into, and you’re scared, yet excited to try it.

To give you a brief overview, you are going to learn that you don’t need to share a list of your problems or symptoms; you just need the willingness and openness to show up and lay on the table. The Reiki practitioner does not need to know the details of your life, and that gives you a break from thinking about your problems. A break is beautiful, it’s a time to take back your thoughts and energies! And your Reiki professionals job is to be fully present with you lying on the table while allowing the Reiki energy to flow through them like an electric chord. Reiki goes where it is most needed as determined by your body’s own divine intelligence.

Amazingly, our body responds well as it may remember that it too, is made up of universal life energy (often referred to as “chi” or “ki” or “prana”).  Reiki’s universal life energy goes to work on healing you on all levels. Emotional, physical and spiritual.

Some of what you get to experience

While you are lying on the table for your session, you lie quietly and simply allow. You will find after just one session that you are literally able to sleep better than you have in weeks. The next day you may wake up with a bit more mental clarity than you previously had, and perhaps new insights into your life emerge. You find as the days go by, you can cope with stressors better, and you have a more positive outlook on life.

Eventually, you will notice that you are beginning life anew, things will align and you’ll see that you can connect to yourself on a deeper level.

You will get to the point of finally feel reconnected to yourself. When your body, mind, and soul are connected and working together, not against each other, you can be the most authentic version of yourself again.

Reiki does all of these things and also reminds us that we need to put ourselves on the top of the priority list again. Our kids and families will thank us.

Megan Law

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