How I dealt with chaos on this day

We are now in the new year full throttle, and there have been so many things that I’ve been rediscovering about myself recently! Including the pathway back to personal alignment and joyfulness in parenting.

I tried something different today, to relax and ride the current of life instead of paddling furiously upstream and getting nowhere. Have you ever done this? I wanted to share this with you because I felt like it sparked something for me.

Life with three kids can get hectic, sheesh even with one or two! On this day all three kids were just running around the main floor like screaming banshees. I felt the irritation and then anger rise in me, I also felt the need to alleviate that feeling by inserting myself in the melee.

Yet, this time, I made a different decision. I chose to just retreat to the solitude of my bedroom and quietly close the door. Through the doorway, I could hear the pounding of the footsteps, the peak of their screams, and I just allowed myself to chill out with it. As time passed, I practiced occupying my thoughts with positive aspects of them and their play. With each better feeling though, I felt the tension leave my body and my well being return.

Even when they busted through my door after someone got kicked in the stomach (🤭), I was already relaxed enough to problem solve instead of instantly getting back to the feeling of frustration. This is not earth-shattering stuff that I’m sharing with you. But I do know it’s hard to do this!
It takes some hard mental effort on my part to reach for more positive feelings and thoughts. It is paying off in my ability to get back to who I really want to be. I hope this tidbit reaches those who need this message.

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