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How the Fall Season Supports Our Growth

It might feel as though the fall season is bringing some gloom but I can assure you that it truly does support our growth.

As we say our long goodbye to summer and stroll into the transformational season that is Autumn, there may be a bit of sadness and a bit of resistance to the transition.

Those Summer months likely brought with them lots of fun activities, new adventures, seeing friends and a general feeling of openness to new possibilities and ideas. When we hit Autumn, that openness may start to dwindle, but it doesn’t have to!

If you have started tapping into your inner world more (through meditation or other spiritual practices) you might notice that you have become tuned in to yourself and also naturally tuned into the changes in nature. You may start to notice when the energy of the shifting seasons is changing. Perhaps too, your energy is changing at the same time.

How to Find The Changing Energy

Along with the shifting energy, the outward physical changes we witness in nature (leaves changing colour and eventually falling, days growing shorter and cooler) reminds us that just as Mother Earth changes, we change as well.

Autumn is typically a season of transformation, of letting go, of growth and reflection. We can harness the supportive energy of this season to continue to grow and expand, or perhaps release and turn inward.

*Remember, wherever you are in your life right now, you can honor where you are in this cycle as you continue to evolve.

As the days grow shorter and cooler, you will likely notice that you want to be spending more time indoors. You may start to feel the urge to nest, to slow down and turn inward. This can be a wonderful time to start to think about letting go. Letting go of tangible things as well as personal things.  

How to Flow With Changes

An example of letting go of physical things could be decluttering around the house. Typically Spring is when we think about doing a deep clean, but Fall is a time to make space for the things that matter to you. That might mean taking a look at what you’re surrounded by. Perhaps there are some family photos you’d like to display, but haven’t gotten around to printing them? Maybe you would like to set up an area in your home that’s just for you. Are there items that are special to you that you could have in your one special spot? What items around your home lift your spirits and inspire you?

Fall is also a time to look at your home routine and make adjustments. Are there some responsibilities you have that could be shared within your household? It could be that you are doing a lion’s share of laundry but haven’t asked for help. Also, take inventory of your daily tasks. Write down everything that you do in one day and I mean everything! Try to visualize exactly how a day goes for you from morning to evening and jot each task down, even the small ones. You’ll be amazed at how much you do on any given day.


Now take a look, hard, at your list and see if there are things you could delegate. I know it can sound daunting when you have never actually done this. I am honest when I say that as soon as you start to do this you will start to feel all the good feels about your day. Make no mistake, there are tasks that the whole household can be doing or if you are on your own there are tasks you can outsource.

So you have taken a look at that list and you have delegated, maybe even written names or companies beside the tasks that you just can’t do anymore. You can now think and write about what things you could do to fill that time in that are Soul nourishing and uplifting.

Nourishing And Uplifting Your Soul

During the Autumn season, it is so important that we have a little more focus on the things that we can do to keep self-care going. During the summer season, it can come to us easily, getting out in the sun, going on hikes, making day trips happen. Then, when the hustle and bustle of work life, school life and family life comes into full throttle – we can easily lose it.

Bringing in conscious self-care and being in balance, plus having a million things to do in a day can feel overwhelming.

Just as the trees let go of leaves, the air lets go of the warmth, you have to let go of some personal things. That might be eliminating habits that no longer serve you or thought patterns that can diminish your self-worth. Maybe it’s just about letting go of things that have run their course on your life.

A great task that I suggest to my clients to do is to sit with themselves and journal about what things in their life have run their course. This could be a list of a couple of things or a long list. That’s up to you! Ways that I know if something has run its course is when I have a feeling around them that aren’t so good.

This could be feelings of:

  • Overwhelm
  • Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Unmotivated
  • Irritation

I know when these feelings come up it’s time to move on and start fresh. This can be scary, but remember that trees let go of their leaves and bloom again eventually.

As the fall season approaches us I hope you are able to use it to support your growth. And remember, as we grow our earth is here to give us what we need when we need it, it welcomes us to change with it and thrive.

As always,

With love,

Megan J Law

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