Living in the Present Is Good for you!

Living in the present moment for a lot of us have become a second priority. I know for myself since I’ve been practicing Reiki I am so much more aware of when this is happening. Do you recognize not living in the present?

The one way you can really recognize this is asking yourself,

  • Have you experienced a moment of peace today?
  • Have you ever noticed your mind is often cluttered with lots of “mind-chatter” and incessant thinking?

It can be especially hard for us to acknowledge this being busy parents who have a lot on our plate, a million things to do and very little time to slow our mind down. It’s so hard to just be with the present moment as it is unfolding. Amazingly, our mind is really a tool used to complete a task, and when that task is done, you are done thinking about it, and then much of our thinking becomes repetitive and useless. When it really shouldn’t be!

Lately, I can’t deny I have had a lot on my plate, low and behold, along with the mind chatter, comes the complaining. (Mostly to myself, but often towards my poor husband). My mind has either been thinking in past situations or trying to figure out future situations. Not a very fun place to be.

I began to wonder when the last time was that I experienced actually living in the moment?
When was the last time when I let go of mind chatter and thoughts about the next thing I needed to check off my never-ending “to-do” list?
When was the last time I allowed my mind to settle into awareness and openness and experience total presence?

Then, it dawned on me! The last time, was when I was either giving or receiving a Reiki treatment.

I started to recall that when I learned Reiki, I felt a doorway open! I felt the allowance of myself to experience total presence. I have this space that has now opened up between my thoughts and the awareness of my thoughts and I completely experienced the greatness of “Being” not “doing”.

Receiving Reiki was a fantastic opportunity to allow my body and mind to rest and repair. When was the last time you did this mom? Have you ever felt this?

Maybe you can recall this feeling from back when you were younger when things to care about were friends and summer. Before so-called responsibilities took over every thought. I hate that as parents, we let ourselves move away from the present moments.

In reality, living in the present moment will make us better humans, to teach our children, to show our gratitude for life and to feel our emotions. Without living in the present moment, we can’t have these things because we are too focused on like I mentioned earlier, the past and the future. We need the present moment, my friends.

I now realize since being given the opportunity to be a Reiki Practitioner and provide Reiki treatments to others, I can let my mind settle, be present at the moment, identify when I need to be present outside of practicing and allowing the energy to flow through. I am so thankful that I can be fully present for my clients, to give this energy to them so they can have the opportunity to open that same door and make every- in the moment-count! Moms and dads, energy is such a powerful source, and there is so much beauty in living in the present.

If you are feeling closed off, feeling like any of what I described, let’s chat! You can find me by sending me a message on my contact page, or even booking a FREE half hour consultation with me.

Let’s live in the present moment, my friends!

Love Always,
Megan J Law

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