New You or a Balanced Heart Chakra?

New month, new goals, new year, a new perspective! It’s all NEW, including us talking about a new Chakra of the month! I’m very excited to dive into learning about the Heart Chakra for you.

I’m not wasting any time here diving in because this Chakra makes us halfway through seven! Yes, really!

The heart chakra is the 4th of the seven chakra system, and its ancient Sanskrit name is Anahata (which means unstruck). It is physically located in you at the centre of the chest in the area of the physical heart. It is said that the Heart Chakra is the bridge between the three physically oriented lower chakras and the three spiritually-oriented chakras above. Think of it as the middle point of a scale; the heart chakra acts as the balancing point between the body and the mind, matter and spirit.


Its related organs are the heart, lungs, upper back, shoulder blades, arms and hands. The sense is touch, the element is air, and the colour is green but can also sometimes depicted as pink!

Our everyday lives tend to dwell in the first three chakras: the root, sacral and solar plexus. When we begin to open and balance those chakras, we begin to move into the consciousness of the fourth Chakra, which brings us into a different state of being.

The Balancing act

When in balance, our heart chakra opens us to a benevolent view of the world. We are more kind not only to others but to ourselves. A balanced Heart Chakra allows us to recover more quickly from emotional hurts and maintain emotional boundaries with our loved ones.

When we tap into the gems of the Heart Chakra, we begin to expand our sense of self to move beyond self-centeredness and self-interest. We discover the possibilities of more empathy, compassion, forgiveness, healing and love.

In the danger zone

Often then not our chakras knock out of balance, and we can feel the effects of it. If you are thinking you need to be worried, it’s all good! It happens to us all, mostly when we aren’t focusing on the chakras specifically.

When our Heart Chakra is weak or damaged, you will find it difficult to give or receive love, and one can suffer from low self-esteem. Many people in the world live most of their lives with a completely closed Heart Chakra due to childhood emotional wounding. A self-protective mechanism may be to close the heart chakra to prevent further hurts completely, and the possibility of future betrayal and this leads to loneliness and being antisocial

Some physical signs you can feel when your Heart Chakra is underactive is having heart or breathing issues like asthma. You can find that you get colds quickly and have immune disorders.

Running too high on Heart Chakra

Ohhh yea, it’s a possibility that the chakras can be overactive too, and there are effects to that as well! Balance is key friends.

When the Heart Chakra is over-developed, and energy is being overspent, there can be a few negative impacts on a person. You can become drained of positive emotion, and become burned out by giving away too much love and being drawn into other people’s emotional drama. You can find yourself tolerating too much from others to the point of neglecting emotional self-care. Sometimes you can lose your sense of identity.

Some of us who have the personality trait of being an HSP (highly sensitive person) may have to be more careful to maintain a balanced Heart Chakra because of the tendency to take on other people’s emotions.

Things you can do to balance your Heart Chakra

There are a few ways you can do to get the flow of your Heart Chakra in balance, like engaging in activities that feed your heart. You can focus on receiving if you are naturally inclined to be a giver but also reverse; give more if you are more inclined to receive all the time. When you express gratitude, even if it’s writing in a journal once a day on your own. Showing appreciation for the good things that make your life easier and happier will boost up the heart.

With the negative impacts on the world at this moment, I find that it is becoming more necessary than ever to heal past hurts and childhood wounding. Each of us needs and can move more easily into the consciousness of the heart chakra.

Now, this is not to say that we aren’t going to have disagreements with others or have emotional hurts, but being centred in the heart chakra gives us the emotional freedom to forgive, understand and move towards compassion to both ourselves and mankind.

If you are looking for more help on guidance to getting your chakras on balance, you can visit me for a free complimentary consultation, and we can see the best place for you to get started.

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