Does your daily life revolve around meeting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, and there’s no time left for you to engage in any of your interests or creative activities?



Have you lost sight of you underneath your seemingly never-ending list of to-do’s?



Has it been a while since you said “yes” to yourself and carved out time for your own self-care and personal pursuits outside of your many roles?

Are you looking for a small community of like-minded women who are craving purposeful connection, self-discovery and more meaning in your life outside of being a wife/mom/spouse/partner?



Are you interested in art/creativity and wish you had an outlet to express yourself more authentically?

Are you longing to find yourself again beyond the role of mother and/or partner? 


Are you Ready to Bring Creativity Back into Your Life?

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Who I am…

I’m Megan, and like most women today, I wear many hats. I am a wife, mother, a solo business owner as a Reiki Practitioner for 3+ years, and a recovered Creative soul that’s been brought back to life again by art, creativity and connection with others. This pandemic has been extremely challenging, and many of you feel exhausted and close to burn out. I want to help you regain a sense of your footing again through this group course and container I’ve created, simply called “Self-Care Through Creative Art”.  

This self-contained shared safe space will take place one Sunday a month over six months, and will give you the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, while experiencing shared connection and a supportive container with other women. 

What you can expect?

Each month, we will meet as a small group online for approximately 1.5 hours to explore topics that will help you dive deeper into your self-awareness. Most sessions will include a warm up meditation, a live guided art exercise and an opportunity to come together at the end to share your insights or what you created. You will also get access to a private Voxer messenger group to stay connected with other participants. You'll also receive weekly prompts for conversation and accountability for completing homework and exercise. In between sessions, you will have the opportunity to receive a 30 minute Distance Reiki session from me to help support you along the way. 

Half of the monthly sessions will be facilitated by me, and I will introduce you to the topic of the month and guide you through a very basic art exercise that will get your creative juices flowing. There will be amazing guest facilitators who come from the world of art and mindfulness/coaching. Each facilitator brings with them their own unique skills and talents to enrich the container, and they will give you practical lessons and activities that further enhance your own self-care.  

Throughout the container, you will gain greater self-awareness and more emotional resilience. Each session will give you time and space for greater self-reflection, and you’ll start to feel an increased sense of creative confidence, more fulfillment and greater connection to yourself and others. By the end of the 6 months, you will leave with a robust set of creative tools for your self-care toolbox that you can use any time you feel you need a boost.


Session Breakdown

Month #1 - (Feb 27) Tapping into your Emotions and Processing Your Feelings through Intuitive Watercolour Painting.
Guest Facilitator: Stephanie Feherenbach, Fine Artist

Month #2 - (March 20)  How to Get Reacquainted with Yourself Through Creative Art Practice 

Month #3 - (April 10)  Relaxation and Emotional Regulation
Guest Facilitator: Vicki Sydor, MSW, RSW, Therapist and Coach

Month #4 - (May 15) Invite More Happiness Into Your Life

Month #5 - (June 12) Exploring Your Intuition - Intuitive Virtual Paint and Sip Party! Guest Facilitator: Stephanie Radley, Intuitive Artist

Month #6 - (July 17) Cultivating a Sense of Gratitude In Your Daily Life


This course is for you if…

  • You are a Mother and/or partner looking to bring creativity back into your life
  • You’re feeling like everyone else comes before you and you want to create time and space for yourself
  • You can’t seem to find you in your never ending to-do list
  • You are craving time to say YES to yourself and need to carve out time just for you
  • You want to express yourself fully, authentically and find creativity in your daily life

I am Ready to Bring Creativity Back into my Life!

What are the outcomes you will receive in this course?

  • Greater Self-Awareness
  • More self-reflection
  • Increased emotional resilience, more creative confidence
  • A new set of creative tools for your self-care toolbox


$500.00 CAD

Payment is by e-transfer after completion of registration form. I will send you an email to arrange payment once I have received your registration!

Are you Ready to Bring Creativity Back into Your Life?

Sign up for the Self-Care Through Creative Art course today!