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Tarot – An introduction and a tool for Enlightenment

 I have always been a seeker and interested in learning about navigating life’s challenges and decisions with a bit more ease and greater insight.

For me, one discovery often leads to another, and each leads me to more insights about my life’s purpose and creates space for more healing and growth!

In recent years, my path has lead me to Reiki. I’ve been initiated into this amazing practice of spiritually guided energy healing, which has opened my heart and mind to new possibilities. It has also helped to guide me towards understanding more about my life, human energy systems and how we all can tap into our inner map, also known as the seven Chakras (which are wheels of spinning energy located in specific areas of our body).

The chakras

The seven Chakras are concentrations of the vital life force within the body that have been studied and worked with by mystics for thousands of years. The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. These were useful to learn about, understand and work with back then. I have to agree with the importance of working with the Chakras, even more so now, as they help us navigate our life’s journey in a world that can sometimes be uncertain. The Chakras provide an internal guide map to each individual’s life. When the Chakras are optimized, they improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health and overall personal well-being.

Back to Tarot

The Tarot is a powerful tool that uses visual symbolism to tap into our unconscious mind to provide greater awareness and insights along our life path. 

Now, I never anticipated being steered towards this next tool, but recently I have been guided towards learning about Tarot. I love sharing with my followers, friends, and family, so here I am sharing this next fantastic adventure with you!

As with Reiki and Chakras, there is a wealth of spiritual guidance and personal healing opportunities offered in working the Tarot, and if you are like I was, you probably thought they were a bit “woo-hoo” and belonged in the back of an occult store.

Since i’ve been adventuring into Tarot, I see that this tool has gone mainstream in the last few years! Fascinating enough, the Tarot deck has found their way to our popular bookstores, not hidden away in a back corner, but displayed for all to see. I think this is because more of us who consider ourselves “committed seekers” are always searching for ways to learn and discover more about ourselves and our life’s purpose.

As a seeker, I need to get the most evident background on any subject I’m learning about. If you came to my house, you’d probably see many different books on the different subject areas that I’m delving into. That’s because I’m looking to understand as much as I can so that I can maximize the tool and put it to the best use in my own life. I am also not a spiritual “dabbler.” Once I’m committed to learning about something, I give it my full energy and attention. Once I feel satisfied that I have a greater understanding of the subject that I’m studying, I then use my own discernment to determine what will or will not apply to me. 

So, when I started exploring the Tarot, I wanted to make sure I had as much factual information on its history so that I could be as informed and thoroughly grounded in it. I follow an amazing, knowledgeable guy named Mitch Horowitz, who is widely known to take a number of esoteric ideas and give voice to them (Tarot included). He hasn’t written any books on the subject that I’m aware of. Still, I found a book that he helped to edit called, “The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination” by Robert M.Place.

This book is incredibly researched and thorough. It aims to explain and demystify the origins of Tarot and clarify some of the historical inaccuracies. He goes into more depth on the most famous deck called the Waite-Smith deck (sometimes referred to as the Rider-Waite deck), which has a fascinating history. 

After reading this book, it reinforced what I already sensed deep down: it is an incredibly enlightening experience to learn about Tarot, and I realize how very useful a tool it can be to help us on our human journey.

Many of us struggle and have great turmoil along our path of life and seek more guidance in life’s decisions. Tarot provides a spiritual tool that can be used by our Higher Self to guide us in our life’s journey. On page 736, the author sums up the Tarot’s greater purpose more succinctly:

“The Tarot provides a spiritual tool with a complete set of archetypal images that can be used by our Higher Self to guide us toward more enlightened choices and spiritual wisdom. Instead of predicting the future, the cards work best when they are used to help create a more fulfilling future. Used in this way, Tarot readings are healing and instructive”.

I am just in the beginning stages of using the Tarot, and at first, I might have been a bit afraid because I didn’t understand it. Now I’m better educated and have started to work with it in my daily life. It indeed has opened me up to a whole world of empowered choices that I can make to be more in the driver’s seat of my life’s path, not just a passenger who watches life pass me by. 

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. I will be sharing more with you about the Tarot in upcoming blogs, and I am excited to help others along their life path as well.

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