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The All-Powerful Heart Chakra & Emotions

Your heart, the all-powerful, is responsible for all your emotions and is the centre of your energy for happiness, love, sadness and anger — the centre of your whole emotional experience.

The heart chakra is responsible for how we feel about ourselves and others. It energetically connects us with our emotions like compassion, gratitude and universal love and connectedness. It is safe to say that when it’s healthy and balanced, it can receive as much energy as it transmits.

If you’re finding that you have negative emotions and it’s hard to connect with others and yourself, you may have a blocked heart chakra. Now don’t be nervous that I say this because there is work that you can do on yourself to heal and begin to make surprising connections with yourself and others.

One thing to be aware of when we begin working with any of our chakras, is that it could end up we start to unfold an amazing healing journey naturally. It is through the Heart Chakra, where we integrate and feel balance once we have taken control of our lives and learned to flow with the emotions we feel.

However, this integration can’t be entirely realized if we don’t address pain we can hold on to from old wounds and emotional baggage. These need to be brought into conscious awareness through inquiry and self-discovery. We must keep in mind though, balancing and healing the Heart Chakra doesn’t remove all of the old wounds automatically all at once, but it can help balance our perspective and start us on the path to the process of healing those wounds.

If we don’t allow the repressed, negative emotions to surface and be released, the body will continue to take on the negative energy, and that leads to an imbalance, and can eventually illness.

How can we get old wounds?

A lot of our wounds stem from the developmental years of early childhood. We may not be able to remember specifics, but perhaps remember in childhood how our parents handled display of emotions. Some of us may have been taught that feelings should be avoided or put aside. Or it might have been unacceptable to show anger or even cry. This is the start of the heart chakra closing and forming a protective mechanism.

When we start to open the Heart Chakra

When the heart chakra starts to be opened and starts to become balanced and healthy, that is when we become emotionally stable and healthy in our relationships with ourselves and others. We can deal with the issues of life with emotional maturity and awareness. We realize others cannot hurt us, and that we are responsible for our feelings and happiness.

When we begin to open the Heart Chakra, it is the collective energy of the Universe, giving us the opportunity to start feeling emotions instead of denying or suppressing them. This is where we have the chance to get rid of the old emotional baggage that only drags us down.

Living in our everyday

When we bring awareness to and heal the repressed, unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings of the past, we become free to feel emotions as they arise in the present. Because of this, when current negative situations come at us, we can let that negative emotion go more easily, helping us to also maintain a balanced Heart Chakra once we have become balanced.

How you can begin to open the Heart Chakra

Begin by self-reflecting. When we self-reflect, we are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with our thoughts and feelings. Within doing this, we bring awareness to our patterns that could be negative and positive. With this knowledge, we can then take the necessary steps to make changes we need to begin to open our Heart Chakra.

A great way to begin self-reflecting is journalling. Journal about thoughts, old negative emotions we feel we are holding onto or even past events that come up when current negative situations arise.

Second, begin to forgive. It’s ok to feel emotions, and this could be sad, anger, grief, regret, any other negative feelings. When we have had time to feel these emotions- we let them go!

A great exercise to help let them go is by writing a letter. A letter of forgiveness and it can be addressed to yourself or others. In this letter express how you felt and even write why you felt this. Then give gratitude to them or yourself for the experience they have given you.

My personal favourite is to burn these letters in the full moon, and this can be done over a bowl of water.

Next, let ourselves feel love. Make a list of all the people in your life that make you feel loved and visualize the love your feeling when you think of these people. Let the heart beat with that love. The next time your feeling negative emotions- remember these people and feel that love.

Last is something I genuinely do- repeating affirmations. Any affirmations that help us feel loved. As we open our hearts to love, we are permitting our heart to invite more love in.

  •  I love myself
  •  I am divinely led by love
  •  I am worthy of love
  • There is an infinite supply of love
  • I forgive myself, I forgive others

This, is where we begin to open the centre chakra. It is within this sense of wholeness that lies the seeds of our inner peace.

Megan J Law

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