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The Amazing Things you Need to Know About Your Sacral Chakra

Talking about the Chakras has become a huge focus of mine, and I can’t deny that I am entirely smitten with learning everything I can about them!

If you read my last blog, “A Check in With Yourself and the Base Chakra” you learned about the Chakras and explored the first Chakra, also referred to as the ‘Root Chakra’.

If you followed along and have your Base/Root Chakra open, unblocked and energy flowing through, it’s time to learn about the second of the seven!

Or if you haven’t done any work on your Chakras but would love to learn how they all align, read on my friend!

The Second Chakra

The Second Chakra is commonly known as the Sacral Chakra, and its ancient Sanskrit name is Svadhishthana

Meaning: sweetness, one’s own abode.

It’s associated with physical pleasure, fully experiencing all emotions, your senses, flowing movement; sexuality; creativity; the moon. The Sacral Chakra is strongly linked to the developmental ages of eight to 14. When a child moves towards a sensory exploration of the world, rather than a rooting connection to it.

The Sacral Chakra is physically located approximately a hand’s width below the belly button and governs the whole pelvic region and lower back. It covers the physical area of your intestines, bladder, kidneys and womb.

As a woman, we know this part of the body can experience things intensely, on both a physical and emotional level.

Let’s look at it this way, have you ever felt an intense sensation in the “pit of your stomach” when something goes wrong? Or perhaps you had a visceral reaction towards something that made you feel very uncomfortable!

This is your Sacral Chakra speaking to you.

When your Sacral Chakra is balanced, life feels more enjoyable and pleasurable. You can express yourself more creatively in different ways. And let’s be real, being creative is something that can enrich our lives.

Some signs that your Sacral Chakra is weak or underactive

If you are feeling that life is dull and lacks pleasure or excitement, your Sacral Chakra may be weak. You may also feel you have lost your imagination, and creativity just isn’t there anymore.

When we speak about creativity, it can come in many forms. Think about how you were previously creative before feeling a block. It could be with cooking, organizing your home, your job, it could be going to see a play, it could be writing a story or painting a picture.

You may feel out of touch or closed off with your emotions, and don’t make much effort to connect with friends and family as much as you used to.

Lunch dates don’t happen anymore, and when you are asked to join on a night out, you have a response as to why you can’t go. You are finding that the communication between yourself and others is lacking.

The second Chakra also has a back and front aspect

The back governs the energetic flow of prana in the lower spine and is located at the sacrum. When your Sacral Chakra is out of balance, you can feel it physically. You may feel pain and stiffness in your lower back, you may even feel a hormone imbalance, restlessness and sometimes obesity.

The front aspect of the second Chakra is located at the lower belly, and it governs the reproductive system, relational, emotional and creative areas of your body. When unbalanced, you might not be fully expressing yourself sexually, and may also feel that sex has become just another chore. You and your partner are lacking communication, emotionally and physically.

Some signs that your Sacral Chakra is over-developed

As with every Chakra, it is definitely possible for them to be over-developed, and this can cause an imbalance by affecting your overall wellbeing.

When you have an over-developed Sacral Chakra, this means that the Chakra is distributing too much energy!

When the Sacral Chakra is overwhelmed with energy and spinning too fast, it will have you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. You may feel emotions more intensely, experience frequent mood swings, or become overly dependent on others.

This can lead to thriving in dramatic situations happening in your life and also to you being involved with unhealthy relationships.

A balanced Sacral Chakra

I think we can all agree that a balanced Chakra means happy wellbeing!

The second Chakra is instrumental in developing flexibility in our life. It is associated with the water element characterized by movement and flow in our emotions and thoughts.

When in balance, you’ll feel more enthusiastic about being alive. You’ll find that you become more flexible in accepting change and going with the flow. This empowers you to be more resilient in times of difficulty and adaptable when life throws you a curveball! You will be able to source energy for creativity, movement, procreation, desire, pleasure, and relationships.

Healthy Sacral Chakra Opening Tips:

  • Use a Sacral Chakra meditation- you can find many meditations using the ‘insight timer’ app
  • Add foods that contain the Sacral Chakra colour- Orange
  • Sacral Chakra affirmations- “I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met.”
    “I am confident that what I offer the world is enough.”
    “It is safe to express my sexual self in fun, creative and healthy ways.”
  • Regular Reiki sessions to help clear blockages

Remember, all of the seven chakras are interconnected; when one chakra experiences a blockage or imbalance, it affects all the others. This disruption of energy can cause your mind, body, and spirit to suffer.

Having a Reiki session helps to clear the energy blockages in the Sacral Chakra. Using energies and meditations will have a positive effect on the other chakras bringing them all to harmony.

You can book a Reiki session with me today by clicking the link here!

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