Top 3 benefits of a weekend retreat

Replenish, recharge, and resetting over a weekend dedicated to you might just be calling your name and I’m here to drop the details on my top three benefits a weekend retreat can give you!

If there is one thing I have learned in this crazy time it’s that my energy is valuable and sacred and I am the only one who can take care of it. We purchased a cottage not too long ago out near the beautiful waters of Sauble Ontario. This was a long-term goal for my family and we finally achieved it. And trust me when I say that a journey was had with this endeavour!

Not long after our purchase though, I was finding that I longed during the hectic week to be there. To feel the air on my skin and breathe calmly. To put my body, soul and mind near the waters to feel that peace. I longed to retreat from the hectic world and just be at peace. Each and every time we went up there … that longing I felt disappeared because the goal was achieved. Peace mom mode was turned on!

So, let’s face it, these past few years living through a Pandemic has been extremely challenging. As moms, we have had to take on a lion’s share of responsibility, and we often bear the brunt of the household workload on top of being employed or running our own businesses.

We are stretched thin, tired, actually, make that exhausted.

If you are anything like me, at the end of the day, we flop into bed exhausted and depleted. We often give so much of ourselves on any given day that we don’t take the time to nourish ourselves or even get in touch with our feelings. Perhaps we’ve even forgotten what lights us up, what makes us feel inspired and alive?

I realized that now, more than ever, moms are longing to take time away to have a pause. A reset if you will.

Once this came to my realization I started putting some puzzle pieces together. How could I help women get the relief I get when I go to that beautiful place I long for?

When it clicked so solidly, I knew it! A weekend retreat!

My top 3 benefits of a weekend retreat

  1. A weekend Retreat offers you a time and place that you can solely focus on filling your cup. It allows you to leave behind your daily tasks, forget about the ‘what I need to get done next’ thought process and dive into YOU!
  2. It helps you to pause, breathe, recharge and refresh. There is something spectacular about grounding yourself. I have always said embracing mother nature is the best way to do this. Grounding will always help you to come back to your everyday tasks with more clarity, resiliency, and spark.
  3. It can allow you to reconnect with those you are missing. Time can easily get away from us and having a friend or family join you might be that connection you are longing for. They do say …

“It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.”

— Unknown

Having a friend join you on a Retreat weekend where you can support and nurture each other, share in creative and fun activities together and walk in nature together can be so energizing.

Is it time to say yes?

Ok, sit back, take a note of how you are feeling right now. If you need a little time to get connected with yourself head to this meditation I created, Discover your needs.

If you can really tap in, imagine yourself saying yes to you for a change. Yes to taking time for yourself, yes to soul nourishment, yes to being in a quiet and calm environment, yes to being in nature and appreciating the beauty of your surroundings, yes to taking time for inspiring creative activities. Yes to connection, to the conversation, to remembering who you are and what helps you to feel alive. Yes to reconnecting with yourself again.

How does that make you feel?

I know for myself, I always feel changed after a weekend away. Reconnecting with myself. I know that as you return to your regular life afterwards, you can approach life with a little more presence, calm and perhaps will be able to have more clarity on decisions that were weighing on your mind previously. You now have had some time away to gain some perspective on a particular issue in your life, and now have the energy to tackle it with a renewed sense of strength.

The Creative Wellness Retreat

I have spent some great time creating something I am so excited to share with other women, the Creative Wellness Retreat. This Weekend Retreat will be at our Cottage, which I always long to be at, in beautiful Sauble Beach! We are just a 4-minute walk from miles of the beautiful sandy beach on Lake Huron

This project has been a labour of love and some things you can find within this retreat:

It is designed for 2 friends. That missing connection I talked about earlier. It is planned out to help you connect with your creative soul, ground you through connecting with mother nature and your own spark. Allowing you to fill your cup and rejuvenate.

I have created a full itinerary so that everything is pre-planned. You won’t have to think about what you’re going to do, or what supplies to bring. No packing up for the kids and the spouse, all you need to worry about is you!

I have created so many pieces to help you go through this retreat including a workbook. This workbook will have activities, links to meditations, and much more!

More details to come or to chat with me head over to the socials @meganjlaw

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