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Top Two Ways Reiki Can Help HSP

Feeling depleted and drained are some of the feelings that burden a highly sensitive person when we start to learn all about ourselves.

I will be entirely honest that when I first started on my journey, it took me a bit to find Reiki. Once I reached out to the unknown (for myself) and saw what it could do for me and how I could harness it on a regular, I knew I needed to help others. I am here to give you my top two ways Reiki can help HSP’s go from depleted and drained to energized and rejuvenated.

HSP’s and Empaths have a very sensitive nervous system and take in a lot of information and stimulus daily, and their energy frequently becomes depleted and damaged.

Reiki has become an integral part of my regular self-care routine, and I know first hand that having regular sessions can easily become a part of any HSP and Empaths self-care routine as well.

Here are two ways Reiki can help HSP’s and Empaths go from feeling depleted and drained to energized and rejuvenated:

1. Reiki restores the natural energy flow that becomes blocked from overstimulation and re-balances your energy system and energy field.
Empaths can often absorb the stress and emotions of others, which dehydrates their energy field. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between your own energy and another person’s energy, this can make you energetically drained. Reiki works on the aura (which is the invisible energy field that surrounds the physical body) and the chakras (the energy centres of the body that enliven us).

2. Reiki treatments are very relaxing and calm the nervous system.
Reiki encourages the nervous system to enter into a parasympathetic state. HSP’s are often in chronic fight-or-flight, as we have an overactive amygdala that signals the brain that there is a danger or a threat (even when there is none present). When this happens, our nervous system gets flooded with adrenaline and cortisol to prep for fight/flight/freeze.
Having an overactive amygdala can leave HSP’s feeling chronically exhausted and may lead to anxiety symptoms.

Click on the link provided if you would like more information on the parasympathetic nervous system.

These are just two ways that Reiki can help a highly sensitive person gain control of their every day. Still, there are many other ways that Reiki can provide you with support. As a mom of three and living in the 2020 pandemic, I know first hand how easy it can be to take on our children’s and spouses’ emotions. Leaving you drained by sometimes mid-day or end of the day.

I just want to let you know mama, you are allowed to feel emotions, and you are allowed to be overwhelmed. In saying that, you can also take control of your feelings!

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